On April 1st we opened GALLERI BENONI on Store Kongensgade 40. Our gallery is a dynamic exhibition space established by art dealer Palle Rockall & Benoni Rockall. We're looking forward to see you at our first solo exibition with the amazing Winnie Truong. Read more below.

Winnie Truong

"Rites of Passage"
4/4 - 24/4

As we pass through life, we go through traditional and invisible landmarks of transformation. Proceeding from birth to adolescence, marriage and then death, there are significant occasions marked by physical change and common ritual. However for the times in-between where the shift is more abstract as an idea, identity and feeling, these events go unseen and without custom or celebration.

Rites of Passage is an exhibition that explores the transition from youth to oblivion. Truong's incredibly detailed drawings playfully imagine the feeling of age and the precariousness of time as a surface extension of character. The subjects in her portraits are poised for no specific occasion, neither celebrating nor lamenting their experience of humanity and death. With the experience of getting older, personality and psyche are in a state of flux, making the feelings of growth and decay simultaneous and ambiguous. The rites of passage then become unclear, leaving mortality to be donned and adorned by these characters merely as ornament.

All at once beautiful and grotesque, familiar and discomforting; Truong's drawings question and subvert our heavily coded ideas of beauty and the status quo while inspiring the imagination.


Winnie Truong

Winnie Truong is born in 1988 and educated from OCAD University, she is an artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada.
Working exclusively in pencil crayon, Truong's practice continues to explore the possibilities of large-scale drawing and the expressiveness of hair as subject in her art.

She has been portrayed extensively in art publications, blogs, magazines etc. Recently the N.Y times highlighted her work. She has been shown at Volta fair N.Y, and Art Toronto. Winnie truing has recently shown works at the Nerman Art museum KA, USA & Long Beach Museum of Art, CA, USA.

Rites of Passage is a show that marks the grand opening of the newest gallery in Cph. to explore the versatility of young and upcoming artists, working within a wide range of mediums. We hope to see you the 4/4 from 17-19 where the artist will be present. Drinks will be served. We look forward to welcome you.




Winnie Truong - Solo show
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Kaper Eistrup - Solo show

Helle Mardahl - Solo show


Galleri Benoni is a gallery with an ambitious yet relaxed atmosphere.

We aim to present contemporary artists working within a wide range of mediums.

We seek out art that excels in 4 parameters: Artistic skill, process, theme based approach and C.V. We will exhibit both Danish and international artists. We love many art genres, and will not confine the gallery space to one art form.

Instead we will welcome everything from underground Street Art, to a more pleasing aesthetic, and even show varying types of minimalism. We aim to uphold meaning, and a constant red thread, despite our diverse choice of Shows/exhibitions.

We will highlight work that equally emphazize skill & process. The works you can expect to see in our gallery aims to amuse, and engange viewers on a entient emotional and inspirational level.

We want to include, rather than exclude. We welcome you to visit Galleri Benoni.

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