On April 1st we opened GALLERI BENONI on Store Kongensgade 40. Our gallery is a dynamic exhibition space established by art dealer Palle Rockall & Benoni Rockall. We're looking forward to see you at our solo exibition with Ricky Allman. Read more below.

Ricky Allman (US)

"The selfmade city: Denmark year 2573"
4/4 - 24/4

We have asked Ricky Allman to define the show, 'The selfmade city: Denmark year 2573' Dozens of different ideas are boiled down to a few paragraphs. He spent most of the summer 2013, in and around Denmark to prepare this show, that we so eagerly has anticipated. Here is what he has to say, about this specific body of work:

'I have been focused on the future since it's destruction was predicted to me as a child in Sunday school. A deep fear and simultaneous excitement and fascination developed. Thankfully, my understanding of the future is much different today. Self-replicating printing, self-healing nano building materials and more new technologies point to a future of architecture proliferating into cities that can copy and replicate themselves.

I imagine in these future cities each minor error accumulating over time into mutations, some of which benefit the city, others to their detriment. Eventually this Darwinian architecture will change drastically enough to diverge into city species.

Additionally, developments in neuroscience point to the possibility of digitizing the mind. The real-time decoding of neural synapse firing into digital code uploaded instantly via quantum computing can, essentially, install a mirror human consciousness onto any platform: onboard car computer, hvac system, or a fully integrated city...


A virtual environment designed within the operating system can be custom built to the preferences of the consciousness being uploaded. One could have a copy of their mind running on a computer that is controlling this Darwinian architecture. Real time feedback from nano sensors throughout can provide sensations to the digitized consciousness giving the experience of being.

Visiting Denmark the past two years has altered the way I see and understand the world. I have been inspired by the design, refinement, and hygge. When I am in Denmark I experience an irrational nostalgia and intense longing for the place I am in. In these paintings I wonder if the future holds the possibilities for cities to build themselves.

Not only that but I can't help but wonder what it would mean for humans to experience being a city. I wonder how it feels to expand spatially within and on top of the landscape; tunnels, shafts and wires through the ground digging deep roots of infrastructure bringing water and light, removing waste, and keeping the system running. I think it would feel incredible'

Ricky Allman,
April 2014.


Ricky Allman

Ricky Allman works in Kansas city as professor at the University of Missouri, where he teaches painting and drawing.

Ricky Allman holds a MFA Painting (Honors) Rhode Island School of Design. Providence, RI. U.S.A

Ricky Allman's art has shown extensively across the globe. He holds several awards, such as the The Pace award. The Rob Moore grant/award. The University of Missouri Faculty Scholar Award. The Charlotte Street Visual Award.

His work has been featured in numerous art publications, newspapers, magazines etc. Noteworthy to mention is the L.A times, Harvard Business Review, The Independent (U.K), Wallpaper Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine etc.

His work is represented at the Nerman Museum of contemporary art and Kemper Museum of contemporary art. U.S.A, where he currently is featured in a group-show.




Ricky Allman
"The selfmade city: Denmark year 2573"
April 25 - June 5, 2014

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